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Global Financial Credit Administration Training (GFC) structures practical, results-oriented technical assistance and training of Commercial Banks Credit Administration Departments, staffed by senior financial sector practitioners who have worked in the Financial Services sector for a minimum of twenty-five (25) years. Global Financial Credit Administration Training specializes in training for Loan Workout policies, procedures and formulating remediation plans for individual credit and troubled loan portfolios, utilizing best practices from around the world. Global Financial Credit Administration Training also assists banks and investment funds in creating, staffing, writing credit policy manuals and creating an overall credit administration function within the institution. Using up to one-week long seminars, Global Financial Credit Administration Training instructors, all of which have had no less than 25 years hands on experience in managing these departments in many of the largest financial institutions worldwide, utilize lecture, actual case studies and active class participation to train those individuals within your organization who will actually be managing the troubled credits. We do not use a textbook approach to loan workout training. We use actual cases and our hands on experience in over 60 countries, to develop best practices that will be unique to your institution and portfolio requirements. GFC also trains your credit administration department in proper underwriting techniques, active portfolio management and maximization of portfolio profits. We customize your training to your needs. Every seminar is unique so that the needs of your institution are always met in the most cost effective way.

Past Global Seminars include but are not limited to The Central Bank of Russia (Moscow, Ufa and Kazan), Banco Keve (Angola), Piraeus Bank (Egypt), Canara Bank (India), Daimler Chrysler Capital Services (USA, Germany, France, Singapore, Australia) and Banque Centrale Popular (Morocco). Global Financial Consulting, LLC also performs credit administration seminars for the Financial Services Volunteer Corp (FSVC), a not-for-profit, private-public partnership funded primarily by USAID of the United States Government.

One unique strength we have is that Mark Barra, our founder, has created, formulated and staffed troubled loan groups (Loan workout) from scratch in four institutions on four continents. He has also managed credit administration and loan workout departments on 5 continents and in 30 countries. Few if any trainers have that type of experience.

While there are many firms thatís "offer" credit administration training for banks, few if any have the depth of instructors that Global Financial Credit Administration Training has. All our trainers have no less than 25 years experience "IN" the fields they are training on while most have closer to 30 years. All of our trainers are internationally trained and experienced which allows us to bring best practices from around the world to our seminars, which is unique in the training arena. We also keep our costs low so we can open our training up to most any sized institutions. Our seminars are all "Hands-On", lively seminars meaning less lecture, more case studies and greater attendee participation. Our most important advantage though is our experience. All trainers have had extensive experience actually resolving the problem loans they are training on in some of the most hostile and difficult areas of the world and under some of the most stressful financial situations. Proper ongoing training is crucial for any institution; particularly smaller ones who donít always have the depth of personnel to turn to or have the financial ability to hire highly qualified credit administrators.

So when your bank or investment fund schedules its annual, bi-annual or quarterly training sessions for your credit administration teams, only utilize groups that have actually had decades of hands on experience doing the work being trained on. Textbook training does not improve your collections, underwriting or credit administration management. Real world experience on what actually works is what every financial institutions need and thatís exactly what we offer our clients all around the world. Call us today to tailor a training program designed for YOUR needs, not someone elseís.

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